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Ordained Mystic & Seer here to answer your specific questions! Please state your name, date of birth, gender & location! and I will tell all that the spirit guides share while channeling the energy!

If I am not actively on taking calls & chats, please email me for a reading! :)

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About Me

1: I am a fortune teller, clairvoyant, lightworker, intuitive practitioner, ordained expert psychic advisor/entertainer, empath & spiritual care coach since 2018.

2: I have been able to connect with the occult, metaphysical & supernatural for the past 16 years.

3: I have been providing remote (telephonic, email, text & chat) spiritual readings for the past 6 years.

4: I accurately answer specific questions using tools of divination using my natural talents/gifts such as spirit & energy channeling, hence the spirit guides. I also make predictions about your future. 

5: I use imagery, visions, tarot cards, a pendulum & board, mediumship, precognition, automatic writing & validations, etc. to answer your specific questions.

6: My goal is to provide clarity, insight, & brief guided solutions to your questions in an empathetic, direct, blunt, compassionate & understanding way.

7: I am able to guide on any & almost all topics including love & relationships, career & finance & more.

8: I am also able to channel the energy of an array of emotions/feelings & I promote spiritual knowledge & emotional wellness.

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