Angel Readings by Regina

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Bring questions and expect answers! Your Angels watch over you and have answers to your most pressing concerns. You are provided with the guidance you need today.

Seeking Insights? Need Answers? The Angels Bring Solutions.

Angel Readings by Regina
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About Me

Are you seeking clarity in your relationships or grappling with pressing questions that weigh on your heart? Allow me to guide you on your unique path, drawing upon the wisdom of your Angels and Spirit Guides. Together, we'll unravel the issues and find answers and give you clarity. Bring your specific questions, and together, we'll uncover insights and answers from your Angels and Spirit Guides. 

From childhood dreams from beyond, manifesting in my waking life, my psychic gifts have been nurtured and enriched with over 30 years of experience. Now, I'm here to share the warmth and wisdom i've acquired through this journey with you, aiding in your spiritual exploration during this human adventure.  

Prior to our interaction, whether through a phone call or a chat, I immerse myself in prayer, ensuring that I am in tune with you and the divine wisdom best suited for you. Authenticity is the foundation of my practice, guaranteeing genuine, truthful, and insightful answers. In the sacred realm, you are not just a guest – you are an esteemed member of my extended family.

Within the Tarot, mystical secrets await. I'll draw 6 cards of your chosen by you, from the numbers 1 to 22. These numbers, reveal answers from your Angels and Spirit Guides, holding the key to unlocking the guidance and answers you seek. Approach with an open mind, clearing preconceived notions, and allow the Tarot and your Angels to provide unexpected insights. You'll leave the reading with a wealth of understanding, gaining answers to your most pressing concerns and discovering insights you request.Embrace the gifts your Angels and Spirit Guides bestow upon you. Gain answers and wisdom on our journey together.

We will delve into the depths of your relationship concerns, financial and/or your career questions, Otherworld Connections to family and friends, your loving Pets, gain Spiritual answers, and life in general.

Bring your specific questions, and together, we'll uncover insights and answers from your Angels and Spirit Guides. 


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Rating & Reviews

u**** 05/13/2024

Thank you again! So many questions besides ones about my life;) Like, how did you get into this line of work, how does it work well when it comes to readings lol, I could go on forever ;) TY Sincerely, Psychic Junkie

u**** 05/13/2024

I really like this kind of reading, I can tell the effort you put into each question instead of instantly responding;) Thank you so much Regina! ;)

e**** 03/22/2024

Good!! For me at this point

u**** 03/05/2024

Connected well to the energies, would definitely speak to her again. Also has quick replies.

k**** 02/10/2024

very accurate loved the advice and reading she gave me

m**** 02/03/2024

She was accurate. It felt good getting clarity that my loved ones are still there for me.

r**** 01/30/2024

Hey angel just talked to you I'll keep you updated :). Good reading btw ty :)

c**** 01/29/2024

Very outstanding got confirmation of what I was looking for

v**** 01/28/2024

GreatI love the information she gave me

c**** 01/27/2024

She connected well with my situations and provided great insight. I’m just sorry I ran out of time .

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