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The solution is here – with my clairvoyance, the Lenormand cards, angel cards or love oracle cards. As well I will help you with karmic entanglements, astrology, planets and energies if you wish...

Happy to help you from heart to heart - call, chat or callback pls. 9am-6pm EST

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About Me


I would be happy to lay the Lenormand cards, the angel cards and, if you wish, the love oracle cards for you and help with karmic entanglements if you wish.

Etu = the sun in the big valley of AZ.

My clairsentient nature already made itself felt in my childhood by listening to thoughts and picking up the vibrations of the people around me. Also, the planets, astrology and karmic astrology (please specify birthday, place of birth/country and time of birth) have been occupying me since my youth, as well as channeling, pendulums, tarot, runes, Akashic records, emotion code and much more.

My spirituality as a Native German has been strengthened since 1990 by working with Native Americans. In addition, there has been regular contact with the Mayan Institute and NASA in the USA regarding energies for many, many years.

At that time, I didn't know that I would live in Arizona one day.

I am happy to answer questions about trends in the field of Finances, love, career, spiritual development, blockages or emotional aspects.

Are you not at peace with yourself due to many injuries from the outside world?

I can show you where your blockages are and what you can do to free yourself from these behavioral patterns. For renewal to take place and for life energy to flow freely, letting old habits/issues go, either voluntarily or brought about by events beyond our control.

The future has not yet been written, but the “maps” show tendencies on how it can be developed. It's up to you. My work is primarily about you being (again) connected to your inner power and love.

It is about gaining the ability to draw from within yourself how you want to shape your life (from your center).

There, I can help many people seeking advice with their fears, needs and worries and I would now like to do the same for YOU.

Let me feel your energy.

I advise individually and empathetically! Since I live in the US (time zone MST), I have 9 hours (summer) / 8 hours (winter) time difference (behind you) to Europe. I look forward to your call - hearing you soon – Namaste’ ETU

Important note:

I do not want to offer legal advice, as well as a medical Counselling or a psychotherapy or dead.

Advice and interpretations are not a substitute for a lawyer.

Please remember one thing, the universe knows no time. Time is an invention of human beings. Times are tendencies and tendencies can all be changed or even blocked again and again through our actions. I also don't do a panoramic view! Precise question, precise answer!

Only honestly asked questions can be answered honestly!   

Consulting in German, English or Spanish  

Qualifications of ETU

I work in 3 languages and especially in new energies. Training as a psychological counselor, training in astrology, karmic astrology, further training in NLP, Reiki, channeling, chakras, aura, meditation, name analysis, birth number analysis, Mayan calendar, regular further training in Arizona USA in topics of transformation and light body process, ... of course also with Lenormand cards and angel cards, love oracles.

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q**** 05/22/2024

❤ ️

q**** 05/21/2024

Love light and positivity

q**** 05/21/2024

Very accurate what she says comes to fruition

q**** 05/21/2024

❤ ️

q**** 05/21/2024

Thank you as always I will definitely keep you posted and I will try to hang in there because I truly love him. Thank you so much ❤ ️

q**** 04/23/2024

Thank u I will call back

q**** 04/21/2024

❤ ️

q**** 03/27/2024

Awesome always so helpful

q**** 03/11/2024

Always awesome i love her energy

q**** 02/22/2024

Thank you so much for everything will reach out again

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