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Hi! embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and wellness with a compassionate and experienced guide. Offering Free Readings, Ask if Available for a Free Session, Text/Chat only πŸ’œ

Happy to assist you find your path to success & healing process. Text with me!πŸ’œ

Genesis Purple
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About Me

πŸ’œ ✨ ️Hi, my name is Genesis. I am a Holistic Wellness Healer, for 10 years now. Welcome to your journey of transformation and self-discovery! As a compassionate and experienced guide in Holistic Healing & Wellness, I am here to support and empower you every step of the way. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, I offer a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses your unique needs and goals.✨ οΈπŸ’œ  οΈ

πŸ’œ ✨ ️Through intuitive Tarot card readings, I can help you uncover hidden patterns, gain clarity on your path, and tap into your inner wisdom. My priority is to assist you in finding inner peace, balance, and harmony in all aspects of your life.✨ οΈπŸ’œ

πŸ€” If you're feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmedπŸ˜” , know that you don't have to navigate challenging situations alone. I am here to walk alongside you, offering guidance, support, and tools to help you break free from limitations and unlock your full potential.✨ πŸ’œ


🧘 ‍Together, we can explore holistic practices such as meditation, energy healing, and mindfulness to cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. My approach is gentle, non-judgmental, and tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your growth and transformation. Using pure holistic light to cleanse your mind, body and spirit from unwanted energy.πŸ’† πŸ’†

🧘 your well-being is your greatest wealth. Let's embark on this journey together, and may you emerge stronger, wiser, and more radiant than ever before.🧘 🧘

God Bless You Always!πŸ™

*Special Offer - Free Readings or Service. Ask if Available for Free Session. Text or Chat onlyπŸ’œ

Please for faster answering to your Inquiry, Introduce yourself & your question. For express service Text or Chat, if you contact by Email notifications don't get through immediately, it takes 30 minutes to show. Msg me that way I can respond asap.

Unfortunately, if you select Email Counseling, wait time is around 30 minutes to respond. Free Readings are only been offered through Chat/ Text Only. Emails are $5.00 minimum calls are $3.99 per minute. For service please introduce yourself & ask your questions, for better assistance. Clients that just ask "why you are not answering" won't be accepted.

Thank you!

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