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A remote viewer psychic reader direct honest and gives probable timelines no sugar coating I tell it like it is!

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About Me

Psychic Chanel is a remote viewer finds missing lost objects works with celebrity clientele from all over the world I have helped millions and countless people find love happiness joy and peace in life. I have a coaching education under my belt so I can help you connect find that abundance joy and live a better fulfilling and happier life!

I work with no tools or tools if you prefer them however I often don't need them. I can tell you if your partner is worth it or not and wether you should move on or wait. I am confident in my skills and can get to the root of the issue. 

All I need is your name and questions at hand and D.O.B. and questions about others you have at hand. 

Just a heads up I tell it like it is I don't sugar coat I will be honest and I am straight forward with the ability to be compassionate where necessary yet honest and truthful at the same time.

Please be prepared to hear the truth .

I also help you to create the positive outcomes you desire.

I am known for accurate possible probable timelines and dates but please keep in mind free will can alter scenarios.

I Can't wait to read for you soon!

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