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💎 Clairvoyant for this world & beyond💎After a Near death experience universal knowledge open up and i started seeing the subtle levels. Holostic consultation & all-round view with the Lanormand cards

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About Me

🪷 Welcome dear beautyful Soul 🪷


My name is Luna born in 1984. 

When I was 11 years old I faced my first contact with a soul from beyond but I didnt know how to handle it because it was my own Mumy on her furneral. When I aged 12 I learned how to read the cards. Since school i helped human beings to find their answears and still love this way of soul connection.

At the age of 23 I had a Near death experience. From this Moment my connection to god or the universe became stronger than ever before and I started to learn a lot about Quantenphysics and Hermetic.

In 2017 I moved from germany to the beautyful Island Lanzarote in Spain. 



I can give you advice in two possible viewpoints. 


The human view 

  • Love and Relationships
  • Work and workingplace
  • Friendships
  • Animals and pets
  • Home and movings 
  • Financial Things 

the soul view 

  • contact with the loving souls from beyond
  • Contact to your guardian Angel 
  • Review on past lifes 
  • Gifts of the soul


 Consultation in english, german and spanish 

Timeframes: time is a human construct. When or if somethings going to happend depents on the behavior  & the state of mind. If we change the point of view or the feelings towards things or situations can make differences in the result. 


A reading with the Angel cards is meant to be as a signpost but never as a future which is craved in stone.

Everything is energy which never can be lost but it can be transformed 


In the Temple of Apollon the divination site ( Oracle of Delphi) greek mythology you can find at the Entry Portal the words 

 💎  Recognize yourself 💎



I cant wait to get to know you 

And send  sunny wishes from the lovely canary Island of Lanzarote. 


 ❤ ️ From Luna with a lot of love ❤ ️


Rating & Reviews

j**** 01/17/2024

Very polite and easy going.

u**** 01/16/2024

I love her so much!!! Very spot on with EVERYTHING!! 10/10 definitely recommend!!

l**** 01/16/2024

She was so awesome and accurate regarding my journey! And I'm still crying from such beautiful spirit 💖

u**** 01/16/2024

Thank you so much! I am believing :)

c**** 01/15/2024

Was a good reading an I hope it to be true

e**** 01/14/2024

Very understanding and caring ❤ ️🤎 🥰

b**** 01/13/2024

Kind loving soul Appreciate everything and your insights. Bless you!

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