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About Me

My readings are a question based unless there is a message that comes through from Spirit. I'm honest, fast and understanding. My readings are compassionate and non-judgmental. I try to help my clients learn more about their gifts like connecting with their guides and understanding their role in the outcome of the readings. I'm a very open-minded, honest and caring person and I try to empower you to help connect with your guides and assist you with obtaining the things you desire. Please know that the reading will focus on behaviors that will improve your well being and is not just answers to your questions. Understand that spirit doesn't work that way, your guides or entities surrounding you want the best for you and will provide you with the right information to obtain those goals. A reading should never be in place of professional counseling, medical or legal advice. Energies that don't serve you such as obsessiveness or the unwillingness to let go of these behaviors can create a barrier to the outcome you desire. You have to take action in order for what you want to manifest. Please take the advice given and let the time frames pass before asking the same questions again.

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